What Are The 5 Elements Of Film?

Filmmaking is a complex process that requires many different skills such as lighting, camera angles, editing, production, post productions, casts and many more. If we talk about the early age of filmmaking there used to be very large camera that used for recording a scene plus people used to edit through the reels of those cameras. But as days passed and science progressed, digitalization took place. We still need cameras to records but comparatively is small and through some editing applications like Adobe Premier Pro editing is much more easier.

In this era of digitalization people can also starts films through their smart phones. But as days passed the market has has become tougher. You need more clarity on the scenes, you need to do colour gradation for better toning and so on… So here we have discussed 5 essential elements of films according to this smart age. What are those?? Let’s have a look here.

  1. Mise- en- scene: Out of the five elements includes mise-en scene. Mise-en-scene is how a director creates the setting for a movie by placing different objects or people in front of the camera lens.

It includes makeup, hair, and clothes or wardrobe choices that are used to show the personality of the character.

2. Cinematography: Cinematography is something that represents the movement of capture of films through various movements such as panning, zoom in, zoom out, 180° shots, whether a scene needs long shot or medium shot. Before diving into the cinematography directly you need to understand the different types of shots being used in filming.

Basically, cinematography is a composition of a scene; the lighting of the set or location; the choice of cameras, lenses, filters, and film stock; the camera angle and movements just said earlier and some special effects.

3. Sound Design, it the most essential thing. It catches the mood of our audiences. Without it you can say the film is quite incomplete. It can be used to create moods that make audiences feel scared or happy based on noises like thunderstorms or laughter.

4. Editing: It’s the most important part in the 5 elements of films. When you tell a story about snow white or something you never say this this happened. Rather you tell your kids in a skillful manner with minute details of how ate the apple so that the kids can imagine the scenes one after another. Editing in film is just like that.

Film editing is both a creative and a technical part. The editor works with the raw footages, select shots and combine them into sequences which create a finished motion picture.

Here I would like to add on both the images how film editing used to take place on the early age of cinema and now in the digitalization world.

In the early age of cinema, the editors or filmmakers used to select the scenes from the scenes, cut them from the middle then add the required scene after the scene A.

This is how Editing takes place now a days.

5. Directing: The last but not the least element is directing. The directors are the main creative heads of filmmaking. They are the ones who tell the actors how to act in particular scenes, they tell their crew members what kind of set up they need to shoot in a romantic scene/ in a scene full of suspense. If they can make their team to understand what they actually need, it clicks and boom! You like the whole movie.

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