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The Plan

Directed by
Timothy Myrick
“The Plan”, is inspired by the book, “In the Waters of My Mind”, by Timothy J. Myrick. In this segment, a group of individuals, lead by a habitual criminal, Morris Bean, who lead two women who work at the back, his brother in law, and Kennard to rob the bank. The women have insider information but they soon figure out they need one more person to help rob the bank.


Directed by

Christopher Oliver

What started out as a night drive, turns into a horrifying encounter with three werewolf women.

The Great Golden Carrot Caper

Password: furtivecarotene

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Directed by
Dovid Loew

Password to watch: kINOz2024hd

Feed The Reapers

Kim (Susen Ermich) and Denny (Daniel Brach) are looking for that certain kick. The story of the mysterious death of a young girl drives her into the rooms of an abandoned sanatorium in the middle of the forest.

Directed by Gero Samrey


A woman in a new home must protect her family while contending with the unexpected inhabitants of her house.

Directed by William R.A. Rush

Password to watch: IMMERSION2024

The Mirror (Kepler 62 Experiment – Episode #9)

Welcome to “The Mirror,” a thought-provoking exploration of how our energy is reflected back at us. As Einstein wisely noted, creativity trumps intelligence as it allows us to see beyond the surface and discover the true nature of existence.

Eternal Son

Directed by Juliana Lucia Rodriguez
Returning to his homeland after years away, a man seeks to reconcile with his sister and settle an unresolved debt, while grappling with a haunting past that refuses to fade.

Pink City Film

Directed by

Mirijam Verena Verena Jeremic

“It’s so easy to get wrapped up but write something you love. Something you want to watch. And you’ll find your voice.” – Lauren Morell

Twice a Day

Directed by
Shelby O’Boyle

Trust the Process

Zoé exists between starkly contrasting realms: the glittering facade of the virtual world and the raw, unfiltered reality. In the digital sphere, she shines as a celebrated influencer, while in the tangible world, she is an immigrant actress confronting the harsh truths of life and self. Zoé’s journey through these opposing landscapes is a relentless pursuit of the elusive essence of true happiness

Directed by Sisy M Gomez Peña

Goldilocks and the three rent beers

Directed by Ian Armer

Spy tops spy 2: I’ve Been Set Up

Spy, Diana Stone, of the World Spy Agency finds spy, Karl Reese, at his vacation spot to tell him the news that she has been set up..

Directed by Jordan and Stash

Golden Wings: A Journey Through Aviation History

Directed by

Caleb Mills Stewart

“Golden Wings” is a documentary about Robyn Stewart, a veteran flight attendant with American Airlines for over 52 years. It explores her journey from the glamorous early days of air travel to significant shifts in the industry, while also touching on personal resilience. The film offers a window into the evolving dynamics of the aviation world, highlighting the individual impacts of broader historical and social changes.

The Forest Through The Trees Trailer

Directed by

Jason Pitts

ECM (Electronic Crime Music)

Directed by

Charlotte Webb

Three thugs hang out in a flat in a rough town, reflecting on their past crimes.

The Sutton Lake Creature

Directed by

Marc Ash

Bienvenue dans le monde captivant du cinéma, où chaque image raconte une histoire, chaque scène éveille des émotions et chaque acteur nous transporte dans un univers unique.

The Beast of Love 2

Directed by
Terry Mills

I Won’t Stop Singing

Award-winning, chart-topping singer/songwriter Luanne Hunt shares her compelling story about the many challenges and obstacles she overcame to become one of the most successful independent artists on the music scene today.

Directed by Luanne Jean Hunt

Through The Eyes Of Love

Directed by Dorie Pride
Best Music Video

One Shot 🏀

Directed by Jordan Christopher McDonald

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